Inaugural Award for Excellence in Carsharing presented to City of Sydney, Australia

Lord Mayor Clover Moore of the City of Sydney and CSA Executive Tanya Paz

The inaugural award, thehas been awarded to the City of Sydney, Australia. The award is designed to recognize:

1. Government authorities that are delivering infrastructure to support carsharing
2. Give CSA members a reference to rank, encourage and benchmark action
3. Encourage excellence in carsharing support within government authorities

The CarSharing Association used the following criteria to judge the award:

1. For results, not plans; for delivery, not intentions
2. For long-term policies with a minimum timeframe of 3 years
3. For openness and transparency – policy process is fair, open and transparent

The award will be presented to Lord Mayor Clover Moore by CSA Executive visiting from Vancouver, Canada at a GoGet Carshare pod in Surry Hills, Sydney on Friday, October 21, 2011 at 09:45.

In presenting the inaugural award to the City of Sydney the Carsharing Association noted that the City:

1. Is one of the first local government authorities in the world to create a guideline and enforce carsharing in all new multi-storey developments within the City.
2. Plays a leadership role: The City of Sydney has provided close to 400 designated on-street parking spots to carsharing organizations so far; now the area of Sydney has 14 local councils that provide on-street parking at reasonable rates as well. This ripple effect has led to on-street parking being available for carsharing in three states in Australia. The City of Sydney provides an important role in leading the other councils by being a pioneer on policy development – and therefore providing best practices, sharing other information and advice.

About the CarSharing Association

The CSA currently represents carsharing organizations (CSOs) in Australia, Brazil, Canada, and the United States of America interested in improving the credibility, quality of service and public knowledge of the carsharing industry.
All member organizations agree to adhere to the CSA definition of carsharing and follow the CSA Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Member organizations encourage growth of carsharing and related sustainable transportation services over profit margins, prioritize stakeholders over shareholders, and recognize that carsharing is an integral form of transit within a sustainable transportation network.

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