Desjardins subscribes to Communauto!

Desjardins is diversifying its alternative transportation offer by making Communauto services available to employees of certain components of the Desjardins Mouvement for their business trips. In addition, the agreement allows employees who wish to use Communauto vehicles for their personal use, to combine the corporate subscription to an individual registration and take advantage of the different packages offered. For those who choose the Le Lièvre package, Communauto offers a discount up to 20% on the applicable hourly rates.

For the Desjardins employees subscribed to Communauto, the service is available at their doorstep thanks to the stations at the Desjardins headquarters in Lévis and at the Complexe Desjardins in Montreal. Moreover, the latter has four 100% electric vehicles!

Communauto is proud to offer its services to the first and most important cooperative financial group in Canada.

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