Trust as a means to collective success


Do you trust our institutions, our businesses, your employer and our society in general?

As announced in the last edition of L’Écho-mobile, Communauto wishes to contribute in building a more trustworthy society. Our action is supervised by the Institut de la Confiance dans les Organisations (ICO).

Trust challenges each and every one of us. For this reason, the ICO invites you to reflect on your own perception on different aspects of trust.

When the results are published in a couple of weeks, you will be able to compare your perception with other Communauto subscribers, as well as with a larger pool of respondents.

To answer the survey: (in French)

This survey includes nine questions, and takes an average of seven minutes to complete. Close to 1000 people have already participated. The respondent’s data is protected by the ICO and only the aggregate results will be public. However, Communauto will have the privilege of obtaining data on its members, allowing us to know and understand you better.

The Institut de la Confiance dans les Organisations (ICO) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to contribute to the development and promotion of a climate of trust in organizations and within the Quebec society. The founders of this organization include: Sylvie St-Onge, Denis G. Coulombe, Jean-Claude Deschênes, Richard Legault, Michel Nadeau, Bernard Plante, Jocelyne Cazin, Donald Riendeau Senior and Donald Riendeau Jr.

Thank you for your collaboration.


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