More than 500 new vehicles at Communauto. Auto-mobile doubles its fleet in Montreal and Québec City

Montreal, April 19th 2016 – Communauto, North America’s oldest carsharing company, announced today its development plan for 2016.  In the coming weeks, nearly 600 new hybrid and electric cars will be added in Canada (Montreal, Québec, Ottawa and Halifax) and in France.  515 of these cars are bound for the Québec market. In the province, this will boost the number of Communauto carsharing vehicles from 1370 to more than 1800 (70 of which are replacements in order to renew the fleet).

“In 2015, nearly one million trips were made with Communauto vehicles.  Carsharing’s growing popularity, partly due to our extremely competitive rates, requires us to drastically increase our fleet in order to effectively meet the demand.  The impact of carsharing is becoming more and more noticeable: in Montreal and Québec City alone, Communauto’s offer will replace, in 2016, more than 15 000 privately-owned cars” says Mr. Benoît Robert, president and CEO of Communauto.

30 new service points for the station-based service

Communauto will also add 30 new service points in Montreal’s most sollicitated boroughs:  Verdun, Hochelaga, Rosemont, Vieux-Longueuil and Laval-des-Rapides. The Côte Saint-Luc and Saint-Hubert areas are also being considered. In Québec City, new stations will be added in Saint-Jean-Baptiste and Saint-Roch, Hull in Gatineau as well as in Jacques-Cartier and Fleurimont in Sherbrooke.

Auto-mobile’s free-floating service doubles

In both cities where Auto-mobile is available, the number of vehicles will double:  Montreal will welcome 275 new vehicles (25 of which will be 100% electric), bringing the total of Auto-mobile vehicles to 550 for the city.  In Québec City, the fleet will go from 30 to 55 vehicles (all hybrids).

The service area will remain essentially the same in Québec City. In Montreal however, Communauto will expand the service area to Saint-Laurent, Ahuntsic and part of Ville-Marie, if the City consents.

« A request as been filed with the Ville-Marie borough to ask that the universal permit for Auto-mobile vehicles be allowed.  A first service area would start at Berri street and run to the borough’s eastern limit.  A second service area, to the west, would cover the Shaughnessy Village sector and the southern part of Saint-Antoine street West. The City Council’s Commission sur le transport et les travaux publics suggests that our expansion might be granted ».

50% increase of Auto-mobile’s electric vehicle fleet

The number of Auto-mobile electric vehicles will go from 50 to 75.  By doing so, Communauto remains Canada’s carsharing operator with the largest electric vehicle fleet and confirms its commitment to electromobility (In total, nearly 90 electric vehicles are offered by Communauto, both services combined).

2016 also brings many important projects for Communauto. Other than the electrification of its free-floating fleet, Communauto is working on an innovating and instantaneous subscription process.  A new version of the mobile app as well as a new marketing campaign will be launched in the upcoming weeks.

Highlights :

  • Nearly 600 vehicles added in 2016 to Communauto’s canadian and european network, boosting to 2500 the number of cars available.
  • 1815 of these vehicles for the Québec market.
  • Communauto’s carsharing offer replaces 15 000 privately-owned cars.
  • 30 news service points to be added to Communauto’s station-based service in Montreal, Québec, Sherbrooke, Gatineau and Longueuil.
  • Auto-mobile’s free-floating service doubles its fleet in Montreal and Québec City :
    • Montreal: from 275 to 550 vehicles.
    • Québec City: from 30 to 55 vehicles.
  • 50% increase of Auto-mobile’s 100% electric vehicle fleet.
  • Communauto is Canada’s carsharing operator with the largest electric vehicle fleet.
  • Express subscription process and new version of the mobile app in 2016.


Brigitte Geoffroy

Conseillère relations publiques, Communauto

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