EVS29 International conference: Communauto is offering an exclusive electric carsharing experience

Auto-mobile_Communauto EVMontreal (Canada) , June 17, 2016 – Communauto,  an electric carsharing pioneer in North America , has the privilege of offering Montreal’s exclusive 100% electric carsharing experience  to EVS29 delegates here to discuss and learn about electric mobility.

Starting June 19, and for the duration of the international conference, participants can experience Communauto’s carsharing service for free. The 100% electric and hybrids vehicles will be available in a free exclusive parking lot located downtown, close to the convention center. “We are very proud to partner with one of the biggest events in electric mobility and to provide an opportunity for EVS29 delegates to leave Montreal having experienced a unique mobility system: the first of its kind ,” said Benoit Robert, CEO of Communauto.

Once at the conference, Communauto will give participants a smart card that will allow them to either access carsharing vehicles or the local public transportation network. They will therefore be able to grasp the complementarity of the carsharing offer with public transportation.  Instructions on how to enjoy this offer are explained in a simple reminder: all they need to do is download the web application, locate a vehicle and discover the metropolis’ attractions and its surroundings from behind the wheel of an electric vehicle.

Communauto will bring its expertise to the forum of experts with the most current data on its service during a technical session on “Discover how Communauto’s carsharing services contributed to the advancement and accessibility of electric mobility in Montreal.” The company representative was also invited to join the June 21st Market Builder session were the profitability of its service will be discussed.  Communauto will explain how it manages to remain one of the most profitable companies in its business sector.

A few  key dates in Communauto’selectric mobility journey offer:    

  • In 2011, Communauto becomes the first company in North America to incorporate a fleet of electric vehicles in its carsharing service:
  • In 2013, Communauto launches Auto-Mobile, the first 100% electric free-floating carsharing system in Canada;
  • In 2015, nearly 20% of Auto-mobile vehicles accessible to Montrealers run on electricity. The rest of the fleet consists of hybrid vehicles.
  • In 2016: Almost 55, 000 trips have been  made and more than one million kilometers were driven  without any  greenhouse gas emissions. With 550 electric and hybrid vehicles, of which 75 are 100% electric, the Auto-mobile service remains the largest fleet of shared electric vehicles in Canada.

About Communauto

Oldest carsharing company in North America, created 22 years ago. Communauto defines its mission as  social, environmental and urbanistic. First organization in America to offer 100% electric cars to its users and to operate station-based AND free- floating carsharing services. It has a fleet of 2,500 vehicles shared  in 7 major cities in Canada as well as in Paris,  France.

Get to know about us  page : http://www.communauto.com/en/promos/evs29-discover.html


Photo shoot opportunities

June 19 at 11:00

Parking lot at the corner of Viger et Bleury Street

Fifteen 100 % electric cars branded with EVS29 ‘s colors will be on display



Brigitte Geoffroy

PR Advisor, Communauto

Canada: +1 514 499-2956





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