Communauto “arrives in Ville (Marie)” with its electric car-electric vehicles

Montreal, May 12, 2017Communauto, a car-sharing pioneer in North America, will move forward with the City of Montreal’s pilot project. This after receiving confirmation that its users will have access to a sufficient number of spaces to release their electric vehicle in Ville-Marie.

In total, approximately 115 on-street parking distributed in about fifty drop-off points will be made available to electric vehicles car-sharing drivers.

Communauto‘s fleet of vehicles already has 120 electric vehicles. Of those, 85 have been labelled Auto-mobile (free-floating without reservation). This makes  it the second-largest self-service electric vehicle fleet in the Americas.

Communauto is electric ! 

Communauto has always taken the risk of innovating. This is what we are committed to doing by electrifying a portion of our fleet. By combining our offers, with and without reservations, our users enjoy the best of both worlds, said Benoit Robert, CEO of Communauto. For this reason, Communauto’s overall offer will also be increased.

An increased offer

Over the next few weeks, approximately 300 new cars will be brought into service in Canada (Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, Halifax) and in France. Two-hundred of these vehicles (hybrid engines) are destined for the Quebec market. In the province, the offer will increase from 1,750 to nearly 2,000 vehicles.

From this number, 75 vehicles are destined for the free floating without reservation service, Auto-mobile, which will total 630 vehicles. These additions will maintain the abundance of supply despite the expansion of the serving territory. As such, additions in the borough of Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension (City of Circus Arts).

This addition will make it possible to maintain the abundance of the offer despite the extension of the service area with the addition of the Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension borough of the Saint-Michel sector.

Communauto also wishes to develop the Ahuntsic and Saint-Laurent boroughs.

Close to 500 stations

The 145 other vehicles put into service will be used to improve the offer with reservation. This offer is now deployed in a dense network of nearly 500 stations located in the heart of the neighborhoods. Communauto continues to focus on developing its traditional offering. The opening of nearly twenty new stations in the cities of Montreal, Quebec City, Longueuil, Laval, Gatineau and Sherbrooke is proof of this.

Coming new stations

Montreal:  Côte-St-Luc, Cartierville, Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Île-des-Sœurs, Hochelaga and Montreal-Nord .

South Shore: Brossard (Mail Champlain) and Longueuil (OMHL).

North Shore: Laval (two stations) one of which will be part of the Urbania real estate development project.

Quebec City: St-Sauveur neighborhoods, Vieux-Limoilou, St-Roch, Montcalm and Vanier.

Gatineau: Hull island.

Eastern Townships : Sherbrooke, in the Fleurimont and Jacques-Cartier sectors.

Highlights of Communauto’s 2017 Development Plan

Development of the offer without reservation Auto-mobile:
• The total number of Auto-mobile is increased to 630 of which 85 (14%) are 100% electric
• Opening of 50 exclusive drop-off points for electric cars in Ville-Marie borough in Montreal
Development of the offer with reservation:
• Communauto is continuing to build on its traditional offer with reservations, with the opening of nearly 20 stations to reach its subscribers in Montreal, Quebec City, Sherbrooke, Gatineau, Brossard and Longueuil

In total :
• 300 vehicles added including 275 in Canada and 220 in Quebec
• For its entire range, in Quebec, Communauto’s fleet went from 1750 to nearly 2000 vehicles, 120 of which were 100% electric and 1,300 hybrid engines. 72% of the park will now be hybrid or 100% electric

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