Communauto FLEX Service Launched in Saint-Laurent

Saint-Laurent, June 7, 2019 – On June 7, on Saint-Laurent territory, Communauto will be launching its Communauto FLEX self-serve car service, previously known as Auto-mobile. This new service will help improve the sustainable mobility opportunities available to residents, workers and visitors to Saint-Laurent.

  “We are very pleased to welcome this new service, which will diversify accessible means of transportation for our community. Users will now be able to get around more quickly in Saint-Laurent and easily access other Montréal boroughs. Our collaboration with Communauto, which began in 2005 through its reservation-based rental service, is in line with Saint-Laurent’s policy to promote active, ecological and sustainable modes of transportation. These are alternatives to single-occupancy vehicle use, just like the BIXI bikes recently rolled out in Saint-Laurent. The implementation of these vehicles is also in keeping with the guidelines of our Plan local de déplacements (local transportation plan) adopted in 2017 and our status as a sustainable municipal territory,” mentioned Saint-Laurent Mayor Alan DeSousa.

“Communauto’s mission is to develop a transportation service that is as widespread as possible and complementary to public and active transportation. By bringing Communauto FLEX to a large community such as Saint-Laurent, we are taking a decisive step towards offering city-wide services,” stated Marco Viviani, Communauto’s Vice-President, Strategic Development.

Where to park these vehicles in Saint-Laurent?

On Saint-Laurent territory, Communauto FLEX vehicles will be allowed to park only in the two SRRR (on-street parking reserved for residents) zones, namely:

  • The SRRR in Vieux-Saint-Laurent, bounded by boulevard Marcel-Laurin and boulevard Côte-Vertu, avenue Sainte-Croix and rue Saint-Louis
  • The SRRR at Montpellier commuter train station, bounded by boulevard de la Côte-Vertu, avenue Sainte-Croix, rue Tassé and rue Muir

The Borough will monitor this service over time, in order to ensure balanced parking in these two zones.

What is Communauto FLEX?

It is a self-serve car service without reservation, which provides access to hybrid or electric vehicles available without delay, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Its users take a car to any destination they choose and drop it off anywhere they want within the service area. Rental can be arranged for a few minutes, hours or days. 

Users may park in those spaces reserved for residents that are located within the service areas. Such spaces may be found in more than 10 boroughs in Montréal. For more information: and 514 842-4545 or 1 877 942-4545.

About Communauto

Established in Québec City in 1994, Communauto is the longest-running car-sharing service in North America and the one serving the largest number of communities in Canada. With a fleet of close to 3,000 vehicles, the company serves 13 Canadian cities, in addition to Paris, France. The Communauto group operates gas-powered cars as well as hybrids and electric ones. It is one of the few operators in the world able to offer its clientele access to self-service vehicles that are available with or without reservation.

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